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Welcome to THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, a healing path for parents and children. 


Do you have concerns about your child or teen?

Has your child experienced a change or trauma in his or her life?

Is he or she displaying behavioral problems or symptoms?

Are you looking for parenting support?


You are in the right place!  We believe each family has its own strengths and assets that can be utilized to assist in healing and succeeding. Our services are individually catered to each of our client's needs. Depending on the situation and age of the child, we offer individual therapy, dyadic therapy with parent and child, and family therapy. We also offer groups, co-parenting, parent coaching, and consultation.


We have experience treating the following symptoms

and much, much more!

CHILDREN may exhibit stress by the following symptoms​

-Nightmares, night terrors

-Depression, low self esteem, isolation

-Anxiety, fears, Obsessive-Compulsive

-Relational and social issues

-Negative self-talk

-Separation anxiety, clinging, excess crying


-Hyperactivity and impulsivity (ADD and ADHD)


-Eating issues  (hoarding, stuffing, hiding, picky eating)

-Tantrums and head banging

-Elimination issues 

TEENS may exhibit stress by the following symptoms​

-Isolation, withdrawing

-Low grades

-Lack of enthusiasm for things they used to enjoy

-Negative self-talk

-Low self-esteem

-Self harm/cutting


-Engaging in drugs or alcohol


-Anxiety, fears, Obsessive-Compulsive

-Weight gain or loss

-Loss of appetite


-Anger, sadness, apathy

-Oversleeping or insomnia 

The following are common family changes/crises that may require professional assistance:

-Birth or adoption of a sibling

-Attachment/bonding issues

-Postpartum depression


-Starting school/school problems

-Domestic violence

-Witnessing a crime or being a victim of abuse

-Death or sickness of a family member, peer or friend


-Pre-term labor/medical problems

-Drug/Alcohol use or exposure

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